Competing a victorious journey of 20 years in Textile manufacturing is the one thing in my life I mark not as success, but rather a way to success. Niagara Mills was started with the notion to become the very first choice of customers in all aspects in the world of Textile.

With my diligent team, I have achieved a level greater than our targeted plan in a significantly lesser time but “the top is always vacant”, and we are still in search of best of the best with 100% client’s satisfaction.

We have a strong belief & transparent prophecy for quality which has urged me and my efficient team to set up premium & authentic standards of quality. We, “Niagara Mills ” devote much of our efforts & attention to improve & maintain the quality standards of our inimitable range of products. We have taken practical steps by setting up a specific quality assurance department fully devoted to monitor & review each process at all stages. All of my team’s involvement & attention at each phase keeps all the processes being performed with optimum efficiency & high morale. I promise you not only to keep the quality maintained but also to achieve a higher level up to our client’s provisions.”