All processing steps are supported by soaping, washing, drying, singeing, mercerizing, raising and sanforizing. All the processes are performed under the strict and continuous monitoring of Quality Assurance Department.

Singeing: We have 6 Singeing Machines ( 4 Ostaff , 2 Former Norton). We can process working up to 2200mm, 2600mm, 3050mm and 3200mm.


Bleaching: For Bleaching, Niagara has most advanced tools i.e. Brugman from Holland, Max Goller from Germany and Former Norton from England. We have continuous bleaching plants with the finished width of 3200mm.


Finishing Stenters: We have total 14 well working stenters of Monforts and Buckner with up to 12 chambers. In built electronic weft straightened Device (Mahlo) to control Bowing & Biasing. We can process working width of 320 cm of printed dyed and white fabric.

Design Studio: Niagara has very rich, High-tech and classy design studio. Printing process is back by engraving and design studio department. Niagara has most modern design studio, which is equipped with advanced CAD/CAM tool supported by latest contex scanner, HP plotter, Image management and inkjet printers. Highly trained textile designers and graphics artist translate creative ideas into finish products those are both trendy stylish and modern.

Engraving: Niagara’s Engraving System is one of the World’s best Engraving System which is supported by CST Inkjet Engraver and Zimmer MBK Exposer with screen length of 3500mm, it gives finest mesh engraving.


Printing: Our Hallmark is high-tech excellent print quality. We have five Rotaries, two Zimmer from Austria, two Reggiani and and one strok from Holland. Our Digital Print setting can print fabrics of 64, 82, 91 and 102 cm up to 300cm width in 16 colors. Online data control system guarantees consistency in the reorder of the same design. Focused QA minimizes the margin of printing errors.

Dying: Thermosole/Pad Steam Dyeing and Eight Former Norton Atmospheric Jiggers are capable of dyeing the fabric having working width up to 2500 mm and 3200mm respectively.

Mercerizing: We have Max Goller mercerizing machine up to 2250 mm width.

Ager/Calendaring: Ramish, German and Farmer Norton, England, Calendar machines with five bowl hydraulic pressure systems have the capacity to calendar fabric 250,000meters per day. These units are proficient to fabricate crease resistant, fire retardant, acti guard, anti bacterial Teflon, down proof and chintz fabric.

Laboratory:  A lab is the backbone of the Quality Assurance. From the very first step, laboratory tests are performed till the end. The QA lab of Niagara ensures the sophistication of the advance technologies. Weather fastnesses, abrasion resistance, pilling, tear strength, tensile strength and humidity absorption tests are executed over the different kind of fabrics to make sure the production of finest fabric quality.

Folding: The best quality fabric is accurately measured, folded and then packed according to the requirement of the client. We have facility to produce Pallet packing, Roll packing (Transparent or Polypropylene) and Bail packing.


Mechanical finishing and Sanforizing: We have five up to the mark calendars i.e. Ramish, German and former Norton, England, Calendars machines with 5 bowl hydraulic pressure systems. Our units are proficient to fabricate crease resistant, fire retardant, anti-guard, anti bacterial, Teflon, down proof and chintz fabric.

Special process and seer sucker: We have two seer sucker machines up to 3200mm working width. Our special processes include crease resistant, soil release, fire retardant, stain resistant, lamination and special coating etc.

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